Philipp Bach

Philipp is a post-doctoral researcher at the University of Hamburg. He has been part of the DoubleML project from its very first line of code. In his research, Philipp develops, implements and applies approaches of Causal Machine Learning with a focus on Double/Debiased ML. He really enjoys teaching basic and advanced topics of causality and Causal Machine Learning.

Sven Klaassen

Sven is a software developer at Economic AI. He just recently joined the DoubleML developing team, but has been working on research in Double Machine Learning for several years during his PhD at the University of Hamburg. Sven is responsible for most recently added features of the DoubleML package. He really appreciates mathematical rigor and clean code ;)

Heinrich Koegel

Heinrich is a data science manager at Economic AI. After his PhD at the Ludwig Maximilian University Munich, he has acquired several years of experience developing Causal Machine Learning solutions to academic and industry projects. Heinrich is a specialist at integrating state-of-the-art research approaches in real-data industry use cases.

Martin Spindler

Martin is a professor of statistics and applications in business administration at the University of Hamburg, Germany. He is founder of the start-up Economic AI, which transfers ML-based causal models to industry. Martin is one of the initiators of the DoubleML project and hopes to make Causal Machine Learning more accessible by the software package.